2017 Missions Activities


  • Chilca Discipleship Teaching Trip—teaching in Chilca area, 2-3 member team
  • Medical/Dental Trip—work with Victor and Terra Forte group churches, 20+ team members, June 21-28
  • Youth Trip—Date TBA
  • Awajun Discipleship Teaching Trip—Awajun Nation (Chiriaco, Peru) with Pastor Rubinos & 3 team members, April 8-16


  • Discipleship Teaching Trip—3 team members, March 2017 (Spring Break)

10/40 Window

  • 10/40 Discipleship Teaching Trip—3-4 team members, February 1-15
  • 10/40 Trip—working with unreached people group

Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona Read Steve's latest Newsletter from Ridge Metro Church Plant, Phoenix, AZ

  • Scottsdale Soccer Camp Trip—work with Michael & Lisa at Pinnacle Church plant, assist with soccer camp, etc., 6-8 members, June 3-10
  • Phoenix Choir Trip—Choir mission trip to Mountain Ridge Metro church plant, Date TBA
  • Phoenix Church Plant Trip—working with Steve Spratlin at Ridge Metro church plant, Date TBA

Nashville, Tennessee

  • Nashville Youth Trip - work with Internationals in Nashville, TN, Date TBA


  • Acts 1:8 One-Day Mission trip—working with the Arkansas Baptist State Convention in North Pulaski County, October 7
  • Annie Camp Adoption—working with Annie Camp Junior High, backpack ministry, prayer walking, interaction with students, etc. Church wide involvement, Shawn Kelly co-ordinator

International Student Missions

  • International Student Missions—As of 2016, Sarah Seibert is our local full time missionary to the International Students at ASU (1000 from 61 countries) and Williams. Support will be from designated giving and missions.

For more information about our 2017 Missions Activities, contact Larry Turner.

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