Walnut Street Student Ministry’s vision is to see students:


We desire to see students have a connection with God and with one another


We desire to see students grow in their love for God and for one another


We desire to see students reach their campus, community, state, country, and world with the gospel of Jesus Christ

Meet Our Youth Minister: Cory CartWright

I just want to say that I count it an honor and privilege to be considered for the position of Student Pastor. My call is to serve the church by serving students and their families. I desire to help students become devoted followers of Jesus by helping them grow in their knowledge and understanding of who God is and what He is about. I am thankful for the opportunity to come alongside parents and partner with them in helping their children understand and own their faith. What an honor to work with a demographic of people that are willing to dream, desire to be a part of something greater than themselves, and who are willing to be transformed by the power of the Gospel.

I have been fortunate in the fact that I grew up in a Christian home where my parents saw the priority of having my brother and I in church. At the age of 9 I realized that I needed God in my life and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. In accepting Christ at such an early age, I feel that I have been fortunate to have stayed away from some of the pitfalls many experience.

Church has always been an important part of my life and at the age of eighteen I felt God calling me to full-time Christian service. Upon completion of college my plan was to go into Christian counseling but God had other plans. At the time I was working at my home church as a youth ministry intern and while on a mission trip to Mexico, I felt God call me closer to Him and His plan for my life. The next semester, I followed God’s direction and enrolled at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I graduated in 2002 and have served in 2 Southern Baptist churches over the past 16 years.

Personal Philosophy

My goal as a youth pastor is to help students discover a faith of their own that will prepare them for a lifetime of ministry and influence. I hope to create an environment where a students can come and be themselves and be welcomed. I want to help them navigate through a journey of faith in Jesus Christ so that when they graduate from the student ministry they will have a solid foundation in Christ to help guide them in the future. (Psalm 16:1-2)

I would like to help facilitate a ministry where students can come connect with God through solid Biblical teaching, meaningful interaction with caring adults and with one another in authentic, accountable relationships. (Proverbs 27:17)

I desire to give students a place where they can grow in their personal walk with Christ through Bible studies focused on what they are going through and through opportunities for service. (1 Timothy 4:6-13)


My wife Krista and I met when I moved to Marion, Illinois to be the youth pastor at her home church. We married in May 2004. She is a perfect compliment to me in ministry as she encourages me to “stay the course” as well as motivates me to love Jesus with all that I am. In our 14 years of marriage she has assisted me in my areas of ministry as well as led various children’s ministries of the churches we have served together. She teaches middle school (Science, Reading, ELA). We have four children: Ella, Evie, Finn, & Levi.


Woodworking and running are my either early morning or late in the evening hobbies when I “find time.” Both have taught me interesting aspects of life from the process of start to finish with building something or discipline of what it takes to train and run marathons. Oh, and Hail State as I am a Mississippi State fan.

Sunday Discipleship

Sundays are filled with discipleship opportunities. At 9:40 am, students meet for Sunday AM Small Groups in the POiNT. Shortly after, we break out into classrooms divided by age/gender. During this time, Biblical truth is implanted into the life and hearts of students by incredible adult leaders. Later on at 6pm, we meet in the POiNT for Connection Groups. Sunday nights are dedicated to the issues that teens face today. This is a great opportunity for students to receive accountability and nurturing relationships from our incredible Connection Group leaders.

MidWeek Worship

Every week, teenagers have an opportunity to connect with us right here at Walnut Street. Each Wednesday @ 6pm in the POiNT, we have Recharge: a worship service that is led by our student band. This time is dedicated to worshiping God through music, fellowship, and the explanation of God’s Word along with its practical application for our life. Students are challenged to take God’s Word seriously and consistently live it out.

What is different about WS Students?

What separates WS Student Ministry from anyone else? Why should you try us out? There are a lot of great student ministries right here in Jonesboro. God is at work in a lot of places! Here’s what I can tell you about Walnut Street. We have a great group of volunteers who love students. Many of these men and women have ministered to teens for many years. They love teens and are very supportive of the Student Ministry. We do our best to create opportunities to help our students learn the importance of loving God and loving one another. Throughout the years, by the grace of God, we have a strong student ministry. Our students are challenged to live their life differently than the culture they are surrounded by. Our students are showered with love and grace, but they are taught that God calls them to a higher standard because He desires to use them to reach the world with the gospel.

We hope we see you this week!

Because of our various needs, we have an entire website dedicated to serve our ministry. You can find it here.

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