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Common Questions

What is a "D-Group"?

A Discipleship Group is a gender-specific closed group of 3 to 5 believers (including the leader) who meet together weekly for the purpose of accelerated spiritual transformation.

A D-Group is different from a Bible Study or a Sunday School class. The main purpose is for believers to go deeper in their walk with Christ. The result will be disciples who make disciples. Each one that takes part has an understanding upfront that at the end of the 9 months, they are to multiply by taking on 3-4 people themselves to disciple in the same way.    

The format of a D-Group is not one of a teacher-student, but a roundtable discussion. A teacher shares information, while a discipler shares life; a teacher aims for the head, while a discipler aims for the heart; a teacher measures knowledge, while a discipler measures faith; a teacher is an authority, while a discipler is a servant; and a teacher says, ‘Listen to me,’ while a discipler says, ‘Follow me.’ 

What is expected of D-Group members?

At the beginning of the year, members of the group will be asked to sign a covenant. This covenant states that members are expected to:

  • Understand that they are entering a time of accelerated spiritual transformation. 

  • Meet with their group for approximately 1.5 hours each week.

  • Complete the readings and journals before each meeting.

  • Contribute to an atmosphere of confidentiality, honesty, and transparency.

  • Pray every week for the other members of the d-group

Members of the group are also expected to hold one another accountable to this covenant and in their lifestyles.

When/Where do we meet?

Your leader will coordinate a time and place for your group to meet. You can choose to meet on the church campus but many groups are more comfortable meeting somewhere else, like someone’s home, a restaurant, coffee shop, etc.

When does it start/end?

D-groups will begin this year during the week of September 11th. In your first meeting, you’ll receive the D-Group covenant as well as all the materials you’ll need for the upcoming year. The exact end date varies slightly for most groups, but you should expect to finish the reading plan sometime April 2023. 

How do I get into a group?

Sign Up Button

We are gearing up for the 2022-2023 D-Group year! If you have not yet been contacted by a leader, click the button at the bottom of this page to sign up.

For Leaders: Whom do I ask to be in my group?

Pray. Ask God to show you people who have a desire to learn and grow. Your group should consist of believers who are the same gender as you and are faithful, available, and teachable.

Have more questions?

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