Missoula, Montana

We are so excited for how God has called Walnut Street to partner with church planters to share the Gospel in Montana

The Team

Ben and Hillary met while interning at their local church in 2013 where they learned they shared passion for missions and going where the need was great for the Gospel. They were married in October of 2016 and began praying for where the Lord might send them. They were open to going overseas, but through prayer and circumstance the Lord opened both of their hearts to staying in the United States. Around this time, Spencer and Jenna shared the calling the Lord has placed on their hearts, and as only God does, He bound hearts and passions together forming this team for Missoula. Ben and Hillary are excited to see how the Lord works and are humbled to be chosen for this work. Ben enjoys leading people closer to God through worship and helping people understand God's word. Hillary enjoys sharing the Gospel and encouraging and discipling others to understand God's word and take action steps of obedience. They cannot wait to see how God calls a people to his name in Missoula!

Spencer and Jenna met through mutual friends in 2016 and were married in August of 2017. From the very beginning of their relationship, they shared a passion for church planting in the western U.S. As they sought the Lord's face in Prayer, pursued wise counsel, and visited several places, Missoula began to stand out as a place of great need and burden for them. They began to seriously pursue Missoula in 2018 and have grown to adore this vibrant, eclectic, mountain town. The Lord has given them a big vision, and they are excited and humbled to be messengers of the gospel in a place they love so much. They are looking forward to exercising their gifts in ministry - Spencer enjoys shepherding people to know the truths of scripture and understand their place in the mission of God, while Jenna enjoys discipling young women and welcoming other into their home. They are so grateful and excited to join with God on mission in Missoula!

Why plant churches?

The vigorous, continual planting of new congregations is the single most crucial strategy for 1) the numerical growth of the Body of Christ in any city, and 2) the continual corporate renewal and revival of the existing churches in a city.

We plant churches...

To be true to Biblical mandate

Jesus' essential call was to plant churches. Paul's whole strategy was to plant urban churches.

To be true to the Great Commission

New churches best reach new generations, new residents, and new people groups.

Because new churches best reach the unchurched

To continually renew the Body of Christ

As an exercise in Kingdom mindedness

First, the new churches bring new ideas to the whole Body. Second, new churches are one of the nest ways to surface creative, strong leaders for the whole Body. Third, the new churches challenge other churches to self-examination. Fourth, the new church may be an 'evangelistic feeder' for the whole community.

All points are taken from "Why Plant Churches" be Tim Keller. For more, please read his entire book.

Why Missoula?

Refugee Welcoming City

Nearly 3 out of 4 people (72%) hold to no religion.

At least


are lost.

(No relationship with Jesus Christ)

Largest homeless population in Montana

(per capita)

2nd Largest City in Montana

Population: 74,000

(within city limits)

Home of the University of MT

A hub for banking, recreation, & healthcare

1 out of 5

people live below the poverty line.


This church will exist to plant multiplying missional communities in Missoula that proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel. In a community that searches all creation for harmony, peace, and a better world, we will demonstrate a tangible gospel and proclaim the Truth: harmony, peace, and a better world are only found in the Kingdom of the Creator.


We Are:

1. Ruled by God's Word

2. Christ-centered in our gathering and going

3. Compassionate towards all people.

4. Flexible in our methods

5. Intentional in our relationships

How You Can Pray

  • Pray for this team to be unified, servant-hearted, and Gospel ambassadors.

  • Ask God to give them boldness in sharing the Gospel

  • Ask God to open doors in the community for them. Pray specifically for a person of peace in each of the 20 neighborhoods.

  • Pray for people to come to faith and for them to have a thirst to know God's word and be obedient to it.

  • Ask that God would plant His church in each of the neighborhoods and that hey would multiply to other locations.